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In Vaulted Hall Entombed - Edgeflame Album Artwork

In Vaulted Halls Entombed (2023)

Retro Yapım

I - In Vaulted Halls Entombed
II - Death Rising Above
III - The Weak
IV - Crestfallen, Pt.1
V - Violence Feared
VI - Worship The Tyrant
VII - Reverence, Rejection, Retaliation
VIII - Crestfallen, Pt.2
IX - Catharsis We Hope
X - Nothing Left
XI - All The Traces… Eradicate


Archaıc (2021)

Retro Yapım

Main Cover.jpg

Bludgeon The Incarnated  (2020)

More Hate Productıons/Retro Yapım

Tolga SERT

Beyond The Pale Carcass (2018)

More Hate Productıons/Retro Yapım

Liberate Then Separate (2016)


Load Another Bullet (2014)


No Remorse... Destruct The Thrones (2013)


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